Computer Science Week 2020

A Quick Start to Coding with Swift

This year we will be running daily coding lessons to bring Apple’s Quick start to Code to students across India. We will walk through various Swift Playgrounds challenge that will give you a quick start to code!

Table of Contents

What you need:

  • An iPad running iOS 13.1 or later 
  • Swift Playgrounds app
  • An internet connection to watch the video’s

About the host:

Suzanne Lustenhouwer

Suzanne has been teaching English in Amsterdam for the past 9 years. She has been an Apple Distinguished Educator and Apple Education Trainer since 2013. In her English classroom, Suzanne uses technology to create rich media resources and designs learning activities that demand creativity and critical thinking skills from her students. As an independent consultant, Suzanne works with schools to design, develop and implement innovative learning initiatives.

Day 1 - Command Byte

In this first lesson we will get used to the Playgrounds app and find our way around. To start you need to download the Playgrounds app on your iPad or Macbook.  

We will first focus on commands. In computer science a command is telling a computer program  to do something. We will use them to program Byte to solve our puzzles as we will tell him to turn left and collect gems. However computers do not speak English your iPhone, iPad and Macbook speak Swift which looks a little bit different. So instead we say turnLeft() and collectGem()

Join the lesson and code along. 


Video coming

Day 2 - Find patterns with functions

Day 3 - Get groovy with Meebot

Day 4 - Go loopy with for loops

Day 5 - Program your camera