Learnics is the maker of a Google Extension called ThinkingApp.  The ThinkingApp allows teachers and students to take advantage of the most over collected yet underutilized learning data that student learning behavior.  The app allows students to record and submit to their teacher a complete log of all of the online learning activity conducted for a specific assignment.  The Learnics analytical tools allow the teacher to then see analytics such as total time on task,  online resources used, google search terms and a model of the online learning pathway. This is what our teachers are saying.. “ThinkingApp data complimented my understanding about if students were meeting my learning expectations.” "The learning analytics allowed me to understand how my students learn and use their available resources." “Not only was it helpful to see how many sites/tabs they worked on simultaneously, it was a great help to see why they couldn't pass the assignment--because they didn't put the time in.” "The data that was most helpful was being able to see if they were using outside resources, what time of day they completed their assignments, as well as how long it took them to complete their assignments."

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Today the Learnics team proudly participated in the #NSF Grantee Workshop. Amazing #collaboration with a room full of #innovators who have high-risk, high impact ideas!! #changemakers #ThinkingApp #LearningAnalytics #data #onlinelearning

Interested in leveraging students online learning behaviors to meet lesson objectives and standards more effectively? Join the increasing numbers of #ThinkingApp users by visiting to start for free today! #learninganalytics #data #edtech

The Learnics team is growing! Please join us in welcoming aboard Dr. Scott Garrigan. @scottgarrigan will be leading the development and implementation of automated learning alerts and reports! #DreamTeam #ThinkingApp #data #LearningAnalytics

Calling all #Learnics users... we want to hear from you! Please take a moment to provide us some feedback about #onlinelearninganalytics and #ThinkingApp!

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