Learn by giving feedback - Peergrade is a free online platform to facilitate peer feedback sessions with students

STEP 1 You create an assignment You create an assignment, specify your feedback criteria and open the assignment for submission.

STEP 2 Students submit their work Your students submit their work which can be anything from Word documents to Youtube videos.

STEP 3 Student work is distributed We automatically assign work between the students, ensuring that everyone will get feedback.

STEP 4 Students give feedback The students give feedback to the work assigned to them using the feedback criteria.

STEP 5 Students receive feedback When the peer feedback process is over, the students receive all the feedback given to their work.

STEP 6 You get the complete overview As a teacher, you get the complete overview of the quality of assignments and what feedback was given.

Free for individual teachers. More details on Pro plans available on
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7 great metacognitive questions for students. The research shows that metacognitive strategies can be taught—and lead to better planning, preparation, and performance. A short piece I edited for @edutopia.

Introduce giving peer feedback with sentence stems or as we like to call it feedback madlibs!
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Does self-grading impact student performance? We recap the research on self-grading and test scores. #selfgrading #selfreflection #edtech #research

When we highlight what works and fails, we highlight the process and the work that goes into #innovation, instead of only the final outcome. This helps build a culture @ajjuliani #edchat #cpchat #edadmin #edtech

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