Choose the learning environment

The game can be played on the school premises, in the city centre or on a field trip location. The map of the selected area works as a game board.

Create the tasks

The teacher creates the game tasks, which the students solve in teams using mobile devices. Seppo works on all educational levels from pre-school to university.

Lead the game

During the game, the teacher monitors the game, assesses the answers submitted by the teams and gives feedback. Earning points and working together motivates the students to keep going.

21st century skills

New way of learning combines experiential, project-based learning and utilising technology in a real-life environment. The 21st century skills, such as problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and sharing your know-how are an integral part of the learning process of seppo games.

Seppo's game pedagogy is to teach in a way that inspires and motivates students. It gets players on the move, which also makes the brain work better.

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Standard licence 69.00 € + vat Available methods to answer to exercises: text and pictures. Premium licence 99.00 € + vat. Available answer methods: text, pictures, audio and video. Access to seppo content library, which includes ready games and exercises.
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Here's an article I wrote for @TheEdtechImpact about how and why #Finnish #Edtech is successfully implemented with schools #EdtechFinland Thanks to @EdutenOfficial , @3DBearOfficial @LyftaEd and @seppoio for your contributions!

10 Nordic #edtech stars according to @InnovateMySchl. Fantastic to see @KideScience @EdutenOfficial @seppoio there. great success stories and impactful research results in the UAE and Gulf this year with those guys! #edchatmena #gamification #earlyscienceeducation #finlandmath

What a cool and mind blowing mobile learning planning meeting! One of the best this year. The World of International Sales and Marketing training programme going live in August by @SopranoOyj @mifacademy and powered by @seppoio Ping @RikuAlkio

I have been nominated for an @Edufuturists Award! #ESA19. I would love it if you would take the time to vote for me in the poll at - every vote counts! Hoping my #PLN can help me out. 😉 #AppleEDUChat

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    Suzanne Lustenhouwer is an English teacher with years of experience of using Seppo to engage her students. independent consultant, Suzanne works with schools to design, develop and implement innovative learning initiatives. being a Certified Seppo Educator, Suzanne will be a perfect match to get your team up and running using Seppo.

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