The staffroom

Next edition:
Thursday 27-08-2020 19:30 CEST

Monthly unconference events that feel like a mix between a PD session and a chat with your favourite colleague in the staffroom. 

Round 1 19:30 – 20:00


Round 2 20:15 – 20:45

The staffroom Webex will be open all evening rom 19:00 till 21:30.

We will be using Webex for all sessions throughout the evening. You do not need to create an account to log in.

The Staffroom unconference events entail 2 rounds of 3 webinars of 30 mins. You can decide on the evening which webinars you would like to attend, change halfway or even try to multitask and attend multiple sessions at the same time.

Meanwhile “the staffroom” will be open all evening. Here there will be no presentation but this will serve as a place for you to chat with colleagues. 

Each webinar will either be a presentation, a conversation or an active brainstorm around a design challenge. These are not your common webinars where you can just sit back and listen. 

We want to create an informal environment where you are unafraid to ask questions and share your own experiences. To that end the sessions will not be recorded.

Let’s come together with educators from across the EMEIA region as we are all currently in the same boat with heaps to learn from each other.

Past editions

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